Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Atrofio - Parte I

Reportagem da Rolling Stone:

Win Butler Vs. Dude Whose Basketball Butler Allegedly Stole
BACK STORY: Last Saturday, June 2nd, Arcade Fire leadman Win Butler was playing basketball in a University of California gym in Berkeley. According to Chris H, the man behind the blog arcadefirestolemybasketball, the courts were super full and though Butler was alone, he refused to allow others to join him. When asked if he would then get off the court so that it could be used for a full-court game he said: “I paid too much damn money to get in here and I’m playing on this court.” (It costs $10 to get into the gym). Security was eventually called and forty-five minutes later the players decided to “play over” Butler. After Chris H. finished his game, he noticed his basketball was missing. When he asked up front if anyone had seen it he was told that Win had taken the ball home with him.

THE LATEST: Acting on a sense of filial duty, Arcade Fire’s Will Butler has come to his big brother’s defense by starting the blog arcadefiredidntstealdudesbasketball, in which he starts a self-described “all out Internet libel war” with Chris H. by relaying the following (non) facts about the guy: Chris was drunk when he asked at the gym’s front desk about the missing basketball, links to video of “Chris H kicking a baby in the head at the UC Berkeley gym,” accuses Chris of starting his blog as a publicity stunt because he’s trying to raise money to travel to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and claims Chris has a tattoo of Puff the Magic Dragon on his penis.

The whole exchange has – in two and half days – inspired a handful of offshoot blogs including arcadefirestolemybasketballplayer*, arcadefirestolemylincolnlogs, and brighteyesstolemykickball.

*muito bom

Infelizmente, nem todos os blogues estão activos...


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