Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Dears

Estamos na presença de mais uma banda indie, proveniente do Canada (país de origem dos Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, The New Pornographers, and so on, and so on), que me passou a parecer ainda mais interessante depois de ter lido este excelente artigo da New York Times. Recomendo vivamente a sua leitura, mas deixo aqui um excerto para os mais preguiçosos:

"The Dears hark back to the self-conscious majesty of Britpop. Mr. Lightburn’s voice combines the quivering croon of Morrissey, from the Smiths, with David Bowie huskiness. The songs stoke drama methodically; they announce themselves with stately drumbeats and pop hooks — the two keyboardists, both women, sing a lot of doot-doots and nah-nahs — and climb toward big, blunt choruses, in which Mr. Lightburn might work himself up to a keening falsetto or a raw shout as each song reaches its inexorable payoff.

Every so often, there’s a touch of cabaret theatricality, a nod to the Dears’ professed fondness for the French rocker Serge Gainsbourg. But where Mr. Gainsbourg and Morrissey could be wry as well as morose, the Dears have grown more unambiguous with each of their three albums.

Deixo-vos o videoclip de "Ticket to Mortality", música pertencente ao álbum "Gang of Losers". Espero que gostem.


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